There are many different farmed animals who call Where Pigs Fly home from hens to horses to cows to pigs. Most have been rescued from cases of abuse, neglect or abandonment.

With your help we can make a difference for the millions of farmed animals who have no voice. Their unique, individual stories raise awareness towards the suffering that continues unabated in animal agriculture.

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Want to take your support of farm animals and the rescue residents at Where Pigs Fly Farm Sanctuary to the next level?

Sponsoring one of our rescue animals is an excellent way to help us feed and provide veterinary treatment for your sponsored animal and their animal friends for one year (and ensure that they can all have lots of treats!). Please choose which of our wonderful animal residents you would like to sponsor from the list below. You will receive a beautiful colour photo-card of your sponsored friend, along with their personal profile. The cards will be mailed within five working days from receipt of order.

Our animal sponsorships also make fantastic and compassionate gifts for your family and friends. Please use the comments box when ordering for your specific gift instructions. If you have any questions, please contact us.

  • Where Pigs Fly Animal Sponsorship
    Sponsor me for one year! – $75.00 Wilbur was rescued from slaughter. He and his siblings were being raised as part of a school programme – Paddock to Plate. The […]
  • Jeremy was found as a piglet wandering around an inner city suburb, scared and alone. Luckily, he was rescued by a good samaritan and brought to Where Pigs Fly Farm […]
  •   Gary was abandoned at a salesyard at just a few hours old. His mother had been sold and he was left behind all alone. Luckily, a kind-hearted farm worker […]
  • Spike was one of eight turkeys rescued from a factory farm. From one-day old chicks they lived in a huge windowless shed, crowded in with no room to move and […]
  • Edna was rescued from terrible neglect and isolation. She has spent most of her life living in a tiny pen in a suburban back yard in outer Sydney. Her owner […]
  • Where Pigs Fly Animal Sponsorship
    Parker was rescued from a terrible neglect situation where he had been abandoned in a paddock for years. Parker was malnourished, depressed and in poor health on arrival at the […]
  • Where Pigs Fly Animal Sponsorship
    Florence was born at Where Pigs Fly in December 2014. Her doting mum is Barbara. For most of her life, Barbara was a breeding cow for the meat industry – […]
  • Where Pigs Fly Animal Sponsorship
    Sponsor me for one year! – $75.00 Rescue date: November 2014 Oink is blind. At 2 days old, Oink was rescued and lovingly cared for by the staff and students […]
  • Sponsor me for one year! – $75.00 Rescued: June 2015 Sophie was rescued from an animal-hoarding situation along with numerous other goats. The world she had known for most of […]
  • Where Pigs Fly Animal Sponsorship
    Sponsor me for one year – $75.00 Rescue date: October 2014 Daffodil was rescued from neglect. Her previous owner had no further use for her and wanted Daffodil shot. Underweight, […]
  • Where Pigs Fly Animal Sponsorship
    Sponsor me for one year! – $75.00 Rescued: July 2014 Mick is an ex-racehorse who raced by the name of “Make Me a Miracle”. He won over $200k in prize […]
  • Sponsor me for one year! – $75.00 Rescue date: September 2015 Daisy was abandoned by her young mother at birth.  One week later Daisy was surrended to the sanctuary by […]
  • Where Pigs Fly Animal Sponsorship
    Sponsor me for one year! – $75.00 Rescued – February 2015 Valentine was rescued from a dairy farm at just three days old. As a male calf or “bobby calf”, […]
  • Moby was orphaned at birth. Found alone in a field, his rescuers kept him safe from the cold, wet weather and predators before his arrival at the sanctuary. Moby has […]
  • Where Pigs Fly Animal Sponsorship
    Sponsor me for one year! – $75.00 Abigail was rescued from an intensive battery shed. Debeaked, no feathers and very thin, she had clearly suffered from the appalling living conditions she was […]
  • Sponsor Dustin for one year – $50.00 Rescue date: June 2015 Through no fault of his own, Dustin found himself in desparate need of sanctuary. His owners had bought him as a […]
  • Where Pigs Fly Animal Sponsorship
    Sponsor me for one year – $75.00! Rescue date: August 2015 A local school hatched chicks in the classroom thinking it would be great for the children to witness birth. […]
  • Where Pigs Fly Animal Sponsorship
    Dougal and his mother Daphne were rescued from a neglect situation. Daphne was a breeding mare for most of her life, her sole purpose was to continually give birth to […]
  • Where Pigs Fly Animal Sponsorship
    Rescue date: November 2015 Walter is an absolute gentleman. Walter was lucky enough to be rescued from slaughter in the nick of time and now enjoys a dignified retirement at […]
  • Maggie was born on a neighbouring farm in the cold months of winter. Her mother was young, and for whatever reason, she rejected Maggie at birth. Maggie spent the first twelve […]
  • PollyAnna was surrendered many times due to her noise levels. With no other options for a home, the sanctuary was indeed her last hope of survival. We welcomed PollyAnna to […]
  • Where Pigs Fly Animal Sponsorship
    Rescued: August 2015 Victoria is the innocent victim of a school chicken-hatching project. Along with thousands of chickens every year, her life was trivialised as teaching aid rather than a […]
  • Rescued August 2014 – Died November 2017 Harriet is the poster pig at Where Pigs Fly Farm Sanctuary and an ambassador for all the pigs on factory farms who have no […]

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We are dedicated to animal rescue. All donations are gratefully received and will go directly towards providing shelter and care for the rescued animals.

Donations over $2.00 are tax-deductible.

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