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23 August 2019
Spring is here
17 September 2019

Two Beautiful Babies

While still settling into her new home at the sancutary, latest rescue, Piper, delivered two beautiful babies of her own!

Young lambs born in winter are very vulnerable to the elements, as well as predatory birds such as eagles. Sadly, over 15 million lambs needlessly die within their first 48 hours of life in Australia each year. Piper and her new-born babies are spending their day’s bonding and snuggled up in Harriet’s Chariot – a large horse float. When they do come out into the paddock for sunshine and playtime, it is under the watchful eye of human supervision, as well as Piper’s new sheep friends – Seamus, Eve, Ruby and Eliza. Piper and her babies will live out their lives at the sanctuary free from harm and suffering.