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1 November 2020
You did it! – A lifeline for Mr Jones
3 December 2020

A lifeline for blind Mr Jones

A blind rescue horse recently arrived at Where Pigs Fly Farm Sanctuary. We named him Mr Jones. He is approximately six years young. Gentle, affectionate and loves his humans. Mr Jones needs your help.

Mr Jones was rescued by the RSPCA last year as a neglect case. As a special needs animal Mr Jones needed a forever home that would be willing to address the challenges a blind animal presents with compassion, understanding and kindness. Mr Jones spent months and months at the RSPCA animal shelter awaiting the loving home he was so deserving of but no-one came forward. The RSPCA, who we work closely with, then contacted us and asked if we could give him a forever home at the sanctuary. We, of course, said yes. We didn’t want this beautiful soul who had been through so much to spend another moment without a permanent loving home of his own.

Unfortunately, Mr Jones’ blindness prevents him from living with the main horse herd at the sanctuary. There are too many hazards and dangers in the larger paddocks – wire fencing, rocks, dams –  and he may also get bullied by the other horses at the sanctuary.  We have tried various options but for one reason or another, they haven’t worked mainly due to a risk of injury.

To ensure blind Mr Jones can have a wonderful quality of life for many years to come, we are planning to build a large, purpose-built paddock for him. A paddock where he can roam and gallop safely to his heart’s content. A paddock with safe, secure timber fencing to protect him from injury and harm. A paddock large enough to share with a companion, sighted horse as all animals need company. A timber shelter will also be built to protect Mr Jones and his companion from the elements.

We are asking for your help to build a true home for Mr Jones with all the comforts required to meet his emotional and physical needs for years to come. We need to raise $22,000 to build a new purpose-built, timber fenced paddock and shelter for Mr Jones and his paddock friend.

Please donate, fundraise and, in lieu of birthday and Christmas gifts, ask your friends and family to make a tax-deductible donation for Mr Jones. Please also share our crowdfunder as far and wide as you possibly can. Thank you.

Please support our fundraiser for Mr Jones.

You can donate directly through our website or via our crowdfunder campaign on Chuffed.

Where Pigs Fly Farm Sanctuary is a registered non-profit charity and has full DGR1 status. All donations over $2 are tax-deductible. 

We are 100% volunteer run. We receive no government funding. All funds raised will go directly to our rescue work. Your support is so critical. Please donate and share our crowdfunder campaign today.

Thank you all for your continued support.

Debbie Pearce – Founder, Where Pigs Fly Farm Sanctuary