6 May 2023

Rupert – A second chance

Meet Rupert, a dairy calf, taken from his mother just days old and sold on Gumtree for $50. Bought by someone with no knowledge of calf care, Rupert was tethered […]
13 April 2023

Sparks – A second chance

Sparks, a 27-year-old stallion, endured years of neglect and loneliness before his rescue seven months ago. His owner had left him to suffer in a tiny yard with no care […]
24 March 2023

Easter Sunday – Sanctuary Tour

Join us on a guided tour of the sanctuary. An unforgettable, magical experience. Meet many of our rescue animals, learn about their inspiring stories of survival and see first-hand the dedication […]
14 July 2022

Thank You!

A massive thank you to our incredible supporters who have supported our Winter Appeal 2022. Your kind and generous support helps us to continue to provide the care and rehabilitation […]
15 June 2022

Winter 2022 Campaign

WINTER 2022 CAMPAIGN For the last eight years we’ve rescued hundreds of animals from unimaginable cruelty and neglect. Animals like Willow who, as a tiny baby, suffered traumatic injuries and was discarded […]
6 January 2022

2021 – A Reflection

We wanted to take a moment to reflect on 2021 and share our gratitude for your continued support.  Over the last year, with your generosity and kindness, we were able to: -rescue […]
30 September 2021


New intake this week.  Seized and cared for by the RSPCA as a severe neglect case over six months ago. Rehabilitation is ongoing. Maddie is on daily medications and frequent […]
19 June 2021

Winter 2021 Appeal

A$40,000 Raised.  A$60,000 Target (as at Sat 19 June) DONATE TODAY A heartfelt thank you to all our generous supporters. You have raised over A$40,000 towards our target of A$60,000 […]
27 March 2021

Rescued cow arrives

Wednesday March 24 Dawn just arrived with the hero who saved her life – Taylor Booth. Here is the story of Dawn’s rescue in Taylor’s own words… “Mid morning last […]
27 March 2021

Cow rescued from floods

Tuesday March 23 Urgent rescue. This amazing hero – Taylor Booth – rescued the young Jersey cow by his side. She was drowning in a flooded river up north. Taylor […]
3 December 2020

You did it! – A lifeline for Mr Jones

You did it!   You raised over $29,000 in just six days to build a spacious, purpose-built paddock and shelter for our blind rescue horse, Mr Jones. Thank you to […]
26 November 2020

A lifeline for blind Mr Jones

A blind rescue horse recently arrived at Where Pigs Fly Farm Sanctuary. We named him Mr Jones. He is approximately six years young. Gentle, affectionate and loves his humans. Mr […]
19 February 2015

Hens finally get to spread their wings

“For battery hens, life is spent in small, often wire-bottom cages. The hens are never released outside and they never get to feel the dirt beneath their feet. Organizations like […]
11 August 2015

Blind Oink’s new digs

Blind Oink will be moving into her new purpose-built paddock next week. Heart-felt thanks to those who contributed to help fund this project. We couldn’t have done it without you. […]
29 September 2015

Daisy busts a move

“Have you ever gotten the urge to dance out of nowhere? We know we have! But when you think back to when you last got that urge, did you give […]
24 June 2016

Edna arrives

Edna arrives. Three days into her new life at Where Pigs Fly Farm Sanctuary. This gentle, old lady came from terrible neglect, living in horrific, putrid conditions. We are taking […]