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11 August 2015
Edna arrives
24 June 2016

Daisy busts a move

“Have you ever gotten the urge to dance out of nowhere? We know we have! But when you think back to when you last got that urge, did you give into it? Maybe there were a bunch of people around you and you were too embarrassed or maybe some bad experience made you feel as if you had lead weights around your limbs, so you decided not to let go and dance.

Well, if that was the case then you could stand to learn something from Daisy, the cuddly baby lamb in this video! Daisy was abandoned by her mother right after her birth, only three short weeks ago. Lambs rely on their mothers for care at this age, so without a proper caretaker, Daisy didn’t stand a chance. Thankfully, she was rescued by Where Pigs Fly Animal Sanctuary where she is now getting all the love and nourishment she needs to grow up big and strong.

Although times have probably been hard for Daisy, she seems incredibly happy in her new home. In fact, she’s happy enough to bust out into an awesome dance! It is truly incredible to see how a little compassion can change the entire outlook for an animal!

So if Daisy brightened up your day – even a little – why not put on your dancing shoes and go for a twirl!”

One Green Planet