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10 August 2018
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14 September 2018

Drought Appeal

Help Where Pigs Fly Farm Sanctuary feed the rescue animals through the extended drought. All donations over $2 are tax-deductible.

Officially in drought

Where Pigs Fly Farm Sanctuary faces its toughest challenge yet. The ongoing drought affecting New South Wales in Australia.

The sanctuary’s location in the Hunter Valley is officially in a drought declared area, (as recently declared by the federal government). This drought is absolutely unprecedented. It is heartbreaking to see our paddocks so dry and brown.



Where Pigs Fly Farm Sanctuary is set on 100 acres with 80% being arable land used for grazing the rescue animals – cows, goats, sheep, horses. Sadly, with no rain for over a year we are literally left with zero grass in the paddocks to feed the animals. The rescue animals are now being fed 100% on hay and hard feed (pellets) to compensate for the lack of grass.  Unlike the farming community, we receive no financial drought assistance from the government.

Here’s what we’re doing about it

With the unprecedented drought, we are at the mercy of increasing hay prices and lack of feed supply. This situation will only worsen as the drought deepens in the region with hay forecasted to become far more expensive and much harder to obtain as the months go on.

To offset rising feed costs and secure feed for the rescue animals for the longer term, we propose buying in a six month’s supply of hay now. We simply cannot take the risk of not securing feed for our animals.

With the current drought conditions in New South Wales we have been forced to look further afield for animal feed. After much research and negotiation, we have successfully secured a hay merchant in Victoria for the hay purchase and transportation to our sanctuary in the Hunter Valley.

The cost is a total of $42,000 and includes large round bales, small and large square bales and bags of chaff to feed all the rescue animals who call Where Pigs Fly their forever home.

We cannot do it without you!

To all of our WPF community, our loyal supporters, our friends, our families, our dedicated followers … and to all of those who just learned about us recently. We are asking you to help us through this unprecedented weather event.

We cannot do this alone. We need your help to raise funds for the animal feed. All contributions are so gratefully received. On behalf of all the rescue animals, we thank you for your support.