Watermelon treats 🍉 #summertime #watermelon #sanctuarylife
I find this clip so emotive. Jessie here is a 24-yr-old ex-racehorse rescued from a life of despair within the racing industry. Jessie now has the freedom she deserves. This year take a stand, say “Nup to the Cup” and instead back a horse for a kinder future. Your tax-deductible donation directly supports our rescue and rehab work enabling us to offer a safe haven where animals like Jessie can heal and live their lives in peace and freedom. Help us help these animals. Take a stand. Say “Nup to the Cup”. Please donate to help us help them. Link in bio.
Thank you. Debbie
Everyone enjoys moving paddocks- new grass, new scenery #moovingday #sanctuarylife #farmsanctuary #cow #sheep #goat
Pool season has officially started and Wilbur, Jeremy and Starsky couldn’t be happier 💦 #sanctuarylife #farmsanctuary #pig #poolday
Remember when Percy tackled his first pumpkin? He has devoured many many since then! All our pigs LOVE pumpkins. For $5 you can buy one of our pigs a pumpkin treat. Who will you buy one for?  https://www.wherepigsfly.org/product/pumpkin-donation-5/ #halloween #pumpkin #treat #pig #theluckyones #sanctuarylife
I like it when you do it right there!! Sylvester enjoying his grooming session with Volunteer Sarah 🥰 #horse #sanctuarylife
Valentine & Tuppence ❤️ 

Valentine was rescued from a dairy farm at just three days old. As a male calf or “bobby calf”, Valentine is considered waste by the dairy industry. Dairy directly causes immeasurable pain and suffering. It exploits the female body and destroys families. It hurts our planet in too many ways to count. Dairy males like Valentine are discarded like trash.

We ask that you educate yourself and allow your conscience to communicate with your tastebuds. Our food does not have to come from the suffering of fellow beings.

#ditchdairy #sanctuarylife
Hello weekend 😎 #sanctuarylife #theluckyfew #alpaca #pig #birds #goat #sheep #chickens #muscovyduck
Today we refreshed the mineral salt licks. Apparently this one is particularly delicious 😋 #goats #sanctuarylife
Spa week! We had a busy week at the sanctuary - the sheep and alpacas have all had their summer haircuts; and the horses, ponies and donkeys have had their hooves trimmed. Everyone is feeling much better and looking great. 

With your generous support we are able to provide our residents with exceptional care. We ensure that all of our animal residents can live their happiest and healthiest lives. #sanctuarylife #theluckyfew
#tbt Throwing it back to when Leo first arrived. Leo’s mum was shot dead by hunters when he was just a few hours old. We hand-raised him through the tough times to health and happiness. Bubbles happily helped Leo master his rock climbing skills! Despite his size, Leo is one of the boss goats these days 🖤 #goat #pig #sanctuarylife #friendsnotfood #maketheconnection
Connecting humans with farmed animals is the heartbeat of the sanctuary ❤️Thank you to everyone who joined yesterday’s tour (and our volunteers who make it all happen!) We love seeing your pictures from the day- don’t forget to tag us @wherepigsflyfarmsanctuary 

Limited tickets are still available for upcoming tours:-
Sunday 12 November 
Saturday 9 December 
Sunday 10 December 
Tickets available via our website www.wherepigsfly.org

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Sunday brunch - everyone has their own style! #friendsnotfood #veganfortheanimals #sanctuarylife