Miss Molly. ❤️ Once used as bait to train pig-hunting dogs, now living the best life ever. #farmsanctuary #sanctuarylife #rescuepig #vegan #plantbased
Morning meet-up. Archie. Willow. Bubbles. Percy. The lucky ones. ❤️#farmsanctuary #rescuepigs #rescuelambs #vegan #plantbased
Posted on PJ earlier today and the amazing bond he shares with Sarah, his rescuer.  Look at this clip. ❤️ A few months between visits, Sarah calls PJ’s name and he comes running to her. ❤️ #someonenotsomething #rescuesheep #maketheconnection #vegan #govegan #plantbased #farmsanctuary
Sheep shearing postponed due to rain. 🌧. PJ is not disappointed.  Rescued as a baby orphan by volunteer Sarah and brought to the sanctuary six yrs ago. PJ has never forgotten Sarah, always runs to her when she visits. ❤️ #rescuesheep #farmsanctuary #someonenotsomething
Do farmed animals think? Do they feel? Do they care about life? Absolutely. Farmed animals are no different to the dogs and cats in our homes. Our goal here at the sanctuary is to help people make the connection between farmed animals and the food on our plates. Our rescue residents are the ambassadors for farmed animals everywhere showing us that each one is an individual who wants to live free from harm and suffering. #maketheconnection  #plantbased #vegan #farmsanctuary
Herman. ❤️
We had to say goodbye to our dear Caramel this week. She had almost all good days in her six years of a great life at the sanctuary but lately we could see her body was failing, she was tired and wasn’t eating. It was time for Caramel to peacefully leave us. Caramel came to us from another sanctuary with Sonny, Sophie and Stephie. Our first goats to join WPF.

Caramel was quite the fragile old lady when she didn’t want to do something but as soon as she heard the sound of food, out of nowhere she was swiftly by your side like a graceful gazelle. Caramel was sweet, funny and obstinate. She made this world a better place and we were so lucky to have her with us. Thanks for all the years of laughs and loveliness Caramel. You were adored. You were someone not something. We will miss you. Deb x
Sound on 🎶  Plenty of space but that’s his spot. Percy. Dawn. Rupert.  #spoiltpig #farmsanctuary #sanctuarylife #lovepigsnotpork #vegan #plantbased
Blind Oinky sharing a snack with rescue dairy calf, Rupert. ❤️ Gentle Oink has been with us for almost seven yrs, Rupert just a few mths. ❤️🐮❤️
Short sprint this morning. Percy wasn’t too far behind Willow + Archie. ❤️🐷🐑❤️ #theluckyones #farmsanctuary #sanctuarylife #make the connection #vegan #plantbased
Take a breath Lola! 😬 #farmsanctuary #sanctuarylife
Come on in.💧 Percy cools down.☀️☀️ #lovepigsnotpork #vegan #plantbased #farmsanctuary #sanctuarylife
14 yr old Paul applying senior privileges to oust poor young Ted. ❤️ #lovepigsnotpork #farmsanctuary #sanctuarylife
Mr Jones often leaves Lottie, his seeing-eye horse, to stretch his legs a little. ❤️
Baby Oscar and his turkey pal, Veronica. #farmsanctuary #sanctuarylife #goatsofinstagram #rescuegoat #rescueturkey
Throwing it back. Baby Ted and his teddy. ❤️
Ted is six mths old now and has reached slaughter weight and age. He would be bacon, pork chops, ham, sausages by now.  His young life taken at a fraction of his lifespan for a five minute meal. Ted is the lucky one. His siblings and the millions of pigs slaughtered each year are not. #maketheconnection #govegan #vegan #lovepigsnotpork
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