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4 November 2017
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12 December 2017

Rest in Peace Sweet Harriet

Our dear friend Harriet passed away on Monday 26 November. Harriet had an intestinal disorder that, following months of medical management and an operation in October, we were cautiously optimistic she would recover from. Sadly, despite all the vet care and focus she received, Harriet relapsed to a point where there was nothing more we could do for her. Dearest Harriet experienced love and respect throughout her short life and her passing was no different. We were both there at the end. Our heartfelt thanks to our vet Robin Crisman and her team at Somersby Animal Hospital and Dr Jennie Mohler and the vets and students at Uni Vets Camden who worked so hard to try and save our little super-trooper.

Harriet was adored by many – those that met her in person and those that followed her daily life online. Such a wonderful, bossy character – sassy, opinionated, sweet, funny and affectionate. A unique individual, as are all animals.

Harriet was chief pig ambassador at WPF. Our first rescue pig. She arrived as a tiny piglet – sick, frightened and malnourished. She emerged as an unstoppable ambassador on a mission to inspire greater empathy, understanding and compassion towards farmed animals. Harriet opened hearts and minds influencing many towards a cruelty-free lifestyle.

For over 3.5 years, Hattie would happily wander through the sanctuary, greeting visitors, flopping over for belly rubs and letting people know that animals, pigs, are sentient beings. They are not things. They are not products. They are not numbers. They are living, loving, feeling beings. They want to live, just as we do. Harriet and her team enabled us to make the connection between farmed animals and the food on our plates.

Dearest Harriet – you are so, so loved. We are honoured to have been a part of your life. Your contented grunts and such a joy of life will be greatly missed by many. Rest easy darling Harriet, your mission will continue. We will all work hard towards a world you can be proud of. It may take time but it is happening.

WPF community – thank you from the bottom of our hearts for all your kind words of support. With Harriet’s passing, it is our hope that many of us will take steps to opt out of a food system that is based in a devastating and horrific cycle of unmeasurable suffering and death. Let the animals live in peace. Let us stop killing them. They are beautiful, they are individual, their desire to live is just as strong as ours. We do not need them for their flesh, for their milk, for their eggs. We can survive, we can thrive, without them under our control. Please make kinder choices. Do it for the animals. Do it for Harriet.