Blind Oink’s new digs
11 August 2015

Hens finally get to spread their wings

“For battery hens, life is spent in small, often wire-bottom cages. The hens are never released outside and they never get to feel the dirt beneath their feet. Organizations like Where Pigs Fly Farm Sanctuary rescue farm animals like these two battery hens and give them a chance at a natural life. Originally rescued by NSW Hen Rescue then transferred to Where Pigs Fly to live out the rest of their lives.

These two hens are taking a leisurely dustbath. Dustbaths are natural, social cleaning routines for hens. They throw the dirt around in hopes of clogging parasites’ breathing pores — it’s that hardcore.

This natural behavior is one of the many that hens never get to use during their lives on poultry farms. Now these two hens are free to dustbathe, perch to their hearts’ content, and hopefully even lay eggs in a secluded nest decorated with their preferred color of hay, grass, or whatever ruffles their feathers.

If you’d like to find out more about Where Pigs Fly Farm Sanctuary and their work, visit their website.”

One Green Planet