Edna (RIP) and Thomas feature on The Dodo
29 January 2019
Happy 5th Birthday to us!
23 August 2019

New dates for Open Days – make the connection

Just announced. Two new open days – Sunday 13 October and Sunday 8 December. Meet the animals, hear their stories.

People connecting with farmed animals is at the heart of the sanctuary’s mission. Visitors to the sanctuary can come face-to-face with the animals, most only know as food. Here you can give a belly rub to a pig, hug a friendly cow or get nuzzled by sheep. You will see their individuality, their joy of life, intelligence and strong family bonds. Visitors, for the first time, get to see that farmed animals are no different to the cats and dogs that share our homes. A profound, life-changing experience for many. #maketheconnection