The Dodo
19 September 2018
New hay shed
24 October 2018

Spot, Benny and Hendrix

Meet our new friends Spot, Benny and Hendrix.

Spot was found alone, just hours old, sick and malnourished with no mother in site. Thankfully, he was rescued by a wonderful family that cared for him in their home before he came to Where Pigs Fly Farm Sanctuary. Spot is now loving life with his new friends Eve, Seamus and Bubbles. Spot is an ambassador for all farmed animals who have no voice and a driver of change for a more compassionate and peaceful world for animals. Welcome home Spot.

We’d also love to introduce Benny and Hendrix.┬áBenny and Hendrix were born at the sanctuary and they will only know love, kindness and compassion for the rest of their lives.