3 December 2020

«[Семейка Крудс 2 2020]» #[2020] Мультфильм.

Смотреть онлайн «Семейка Крудс 2 2020» смотреть онлайн в хорошем качестве.. #Семейка Крудс 2 2020#Семейка Крудс 2 2020 (Мульт 2020) онлайн. Семейка Крудс 2 2020 Семейка Крудс 2 2020 Семейка […]
3 December 2020

Мультфильм «Семейка Крудс Новоселье» 2020 смотреть онлайн.

~[Мультфильм]~ Семейка Крудс Новоселье, [Семейка Крудс Новоселье] (смотреть онлайн, 2020). «Семейка Крудс Новоселье» Мультик онлайн. Семейка Крудс Новоселье Семейка Крудс Новоселье Семейка Крудс Новоселье Жизнь человека Семейка Крудс Новоселье в […]
3 December 2020

Смотреть [Семейка Крудс 2020] онлайн.

[HD] #Семейка Крудс 2020#Семейка Крудс 2020 смотреть онлайн.. Семейка Крудс 2020.Семейка Крудс 2020 Мульт смотреть онлайн в хорошем качестве. Семейка Крудс 2020 Семейка Крудс 2020 Семейка Крудс 2020 Жизнь человека […]
3 December 2020

You did it! – A lifeline for Mr Jones

You did it!   You raised over $29,000 in just six days to build a spacious, purpose-built paddock and shelter for our blind rescue horse, Mr Jones. Thank you to […]
26 November 2020

A lifeline for blind Mr Jones

A blind rescue horse recently arrived at Where Pigs Fly Farm Sanctuary. We named him Mr Jones. He is approximately six years young. Gentle, affectionate and loves his humans. Mr […]
1 November 2020

Announcing November tour dates

New tour dates just announced for November. We are hosting a limited number of sanctuary tours with a maximum of 25 visitors per tour to ensure social distancing measures can […]
4 October 2020

New October tour dates

Our sanctuary gates are open again with new tour dates for October just released. We are hosting a limited number of sanctuary tours with a maximum of 20 visitors per […]
31 August 2020

Woman’s Day

Feature article in Woman’s Day in May 2020.      
4 July 2020

You did it!

Thank you to the amazing generosity of our wonderful supporters we have reached the target goal of $60k for our Animal Save Appeal 2020. Your donation will provide our rescued […]
20 May 2020

Animal Appeal!

Just Launched – Animal Save Appeal As we face our most challenging times yet, we are urgently seeking your support. One challenge after another… Drought, catastrophic bushfires and the pandemic […]
9 February 2020

Lucky Lenny

Lenny arrived yesterday. A buddy for Pablo. This little boy was found next to his dead mother at just a few days old – all alone. Lucky Lenny was rescued […]
1 February 2020

Share the love

Valentine’s Day!! What better way to make that special someone in your life smile than to sponsor a rescued animal in their name. They will receive a fabulous, personalised photo-card […]