Animal Guardians Foundation is a private Australian charitable foundation. Through its grants, Animal Guardians Foundation seeks to encourage and support eligible Australian charitable organisations whose work and programs aim to respond to any of the following five areas:
➢ The advancement and enhancement of animal welfare outcomes
➢ The promotion of animal rights and animal welfare
➢ The promotion of animal conservation and protection
➢ Benefitting the community through the provision of information, education awareness programs and research projects to promote and encourage a greater level of compassion, understanding and respect for all animals
➢ Improving the nature of interactions between humans and animals

The Besen Family Foundation has been established to build on the philanthropic tradition which was started by Eva and Marc Besen. This tradition has now evolved to encompass three broad areas through which the foundation can express its involvement and commitment: Arts and Culture, Health and Welfare and Jewish Interests.The foundation seeks to encourage, nurture and assist in both the maintaining and also developing of important programs and projects. It provides support mainly through financial grants. The essence of the foundation is the involvement of family members and the desire to encourage a spirit and culture of giving which can be developed and handed on to future generations.

Flora & Fauna is an eco online retailer based in Galston NSW. They are proudly BCorp Certified and only sell ethically made, vegan, cruelty free products. They offer everything from skin care, make up, home, fashion to health products. F&F stock over 3500 products and over 190 brands. Flora & Fauna are very passionate about animals and the environment and support Where Pigs Fly Farm Sanctuary and Sea Shepherd Australia. They also have a recycling scheme where customers can return plastic packaging to F&F, earning dollars, and saving the packaging going into landfill.