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1 December 2017
Moby – Annual Sponsorship
2 December 2017
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Spike – Annual Sponsorship



Spike was one of eight turkeys rescued from a factory farm. From one-day old chicks they lived in a huge windowless shed, crowded in with no room to move and destined for slaughter after a short, horrific life. As a factory farmed turkey, Spike has been genetically bred to grow abnormally large at a rapid rate to maximise profits and meet consumer demand. We are not sure how long she will live as her huge size puts so much strain on her heart and lungs but we are doing all we can to help Spike live a happy and healthy life.

As a sponsor, you will receive a beautiful colour photo-card of Spike along with her personal profile. This will be mailed within five working days of receipt of order.

Our animal sponsorships also make fantastic and compassionate gifts for your family and friends. Please use the comments box when ordering for your specific mailing instructions.