Dustin – Annual Sponsorship
3 December 2015
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Valentine – Annual Sponsorship


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Valentine was rescued from a dairy farm at just three days old. As a male calf or “bobby calf”, Valentine is considered waste by the dairy industry. The day we picked Valentine up we could see he was weak and scared. He needed his mother. It took a few days of coaxing to feed from the bottle but by day three Valentine was feeding with gusto, gaining strength with every feed. Valentine is a real extrovert – he follows us everywhere. Valentine loves nothing better than a talk and cuddle. He is a wonderful ambassador for bobby calves everywhere, helping to spread the message of the cruelty and suffering that is the dairy industry.

As a sponsor, you will receive a beautiful colour photo-card of Valentine along with his personal profile. This will be mailed within five working days of receipt of order.

Our animal sponsorships also make brilliant gifts for your family and friends. Please use the comments box on the Order Page to add mailing instructions and personal message.