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Dustin – Annual Sponsorship
3 December 2015
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Wilbur – Annual Sponsorship



Wilbur was rescued from slaughter He and his siblings were being raised as part of a school programme – Paddock to Plate. The day of slaughtering Wilbur and him becoming someone’s dinner was looming. Good news is that Wilbur will now live a full and happy life at Where Pigs Fly, free ranging in the paddocks and enjoying all the sunshine and wallows he wants. Pigs are loving, intelligent and sensitive animals. Not just a product or a piece of pork.

As a sponsor, you will receive a beautiful colour photo-card of Wilbur along with his personal profile. This will be mailed within five working days of receipt of order.

Our animal sponsorships make brilliant gifts for your family and friends. Please use the comments box on the Order Page for your mailing instructions and personal message.