Cow rescued from floods
27 March 2021
Winter 2021 Appeal
19 June 2021

Rescued cow arrives

Wednesday March 24
Dawn just arrived with the hero who saved her life – Taylor Booth. Here is the story of Dawn’s rescue in Taylor’s own words…

“Mid morning last Saturday I was sitting on the Manning River with mum watching the water travel down at a great speed when we both spotted her about 30metres out from the river bank heading towards the Martin Bridge fast (certain death as there was no clearance underneath the bridge for her to travel through). I could see her trying to swim into to the river bank which is when I started running parallel along the river to try and find a suitable place for an attempt to grab her. Roughly 20 metres from the Martin Bridge I spotted some stairs that went down to the water. As luck would have it, along with what seemed to be her last efforts, she was now only 5 metres from the bank and right in front of me. Without hesitation, my kelpie dog and I leaped into the water and coached her into the bank before dragging her up enough for a well earned rest for half an hour. Over the next hour, other people came in to assist in helping her up the stairs before she regained her feet. From this moment forward, she was a free animal thanks to you and everyone else involved. Thank you.”  Taylor Booth.