Sparks – A second chance
13 April 2023

Rupert – A second chance

Meet Rupert, a dairy calf, taken from his mother just days old and sold on Gumtree for $50. Bought by someone with no knowledge of calf care, Rupert was tethered to a washing line in a suburban backyard and left to eat grass for weeks. With no replacement milk and inadequate care, Rupert’s health rapidly deteriorated.

In his first few days at the sanctuary, it was unclear whether Rupert would survive. He was so underweight and malnourished; he desperately missed his mum.

Immediately, we began rehabilitation through veterinary care, nutritious feed, and supplements. Rupert slowly gained the strength needed to survive, and despite his harrowing start to life, Rupert is thriving and enjoying his freedom. Although he sadly doesn’t have his own mum by his side, rescue cows, Dawn and Olive, look out for and care for him. Rupert’s own mum would be proud.

Seeing the transformation in Rupert’s life is a testament to the positive impact your support has.

You saved his life – a life worth living.

Thank you so much for being a part of making a difference.


Co-Founder – Where Pigs Fly Farm Sanctuary