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24 March 2023
Rupert – A second chance
6 May 2023

Sparks – A second chance

Sparks, a 27-year-old stallion, endured years of neglect and loneliness before his rescue seven months ago. His owner had left him to suffer in a tiny yard with no care or attention and very little in the way of feed. He was starving, lonely and depressed. But, even with all the pain and suffering he had endured, we still saw a spark in his eyes, he wanted to live.

Thanks to your support, we were able to rescue Sparks from his horrific existence. He now lives at the sanctuary, receiving all the care he needs – medical attention, nourishing feed and regular visits from the farrier and dentist. Sparks has begun to put on weight and his coat now shines. His sadness has lifted.

Sparks shares a spacious paddock with friends where he lives out his days enjoying the freedom, care and companionship he missed out on for so many years. We do everything we can to make his life the best it can be. A life truly worth living.

I always hope that animals who have suffered unspeakable cruelty at the hands of humans can forget their past or, at least, that it becomes a fading memory. I hope so.

The transformation you see in Sparks is exactly the kind of change you enable with your support. Thank you so much for being a part of making a difference.