Two Beautiful Babies
23 August 2019
Turkeys are fab
17 September 2019

Spring is here

Spring is here. 🌸 Welcome the new season as an opportunity for a fresh start to transition away from animal products. The animals don’t need your prayers or sympathy, they need your actions. Make them count.

The world of animal rescue is often filled with tales of heartbreak and loss. This is, at times, unrelenting. We receive weekly calls to take on a number of animals in dire situations that are suffering at the hands of humans. There is not one organisation that can save them all.⁣

⁣Nevertheless, we remain positive and forge onwards knowing that slowly but surely, the tide is changing. There is a significant shift in attitudes worldwide and people are aligning their actions with what they always knew was right: Animals do not deserve to suffer as a result of our indifference and ignorance. They are not food, clothing, entertainment or experiments. They are our companions, our friends and our family.⁣