Spring is here
17 September 2019
Welcome Sheldon
17 September 2019

Turkeys are fab

People who have spent time with our rescued turkeys will tell you they are lively, social, curious creatures who love hugs.

Unfortunately farmed Turkeys born in the first weeks of Spring will be slaughtered to become Christmas dinner. An estimated 5 million turkeys are killed in Australia each year, and a staggering 650 million worldwide annually. 45 million turkeys are killed in the USA, for Thanksgiving and Christmas alone.

Please, let this number sink in. You can stop this. If you stop buying, they stop dying.

Turkeys love a chat – they have unique voices and this is how they recognise each other. Scientists have found over 20 different vocalisations including a distinctive “gobble” produced by males that can be heard well over 1km away, and a soft “purring” typically a sign of contentment.

Turkeys are sensitive and social animals, much like our dogs and cats. They enjoy listening to music and having their feathers stroked.

Turkeys change colours. The neck of a male turkey can change depending on his mood
– his head will turn greyish-blue when he is content and when he is feeling stressed, his head will turn bright red.

Big birds, big cruelty

The majority of turkey production takes place in factory farms. On average up to 14,000 turkeys are placed in a single shed when they are one day old. They will never know their mother’s love. They have the equivalent of an A3 piece of paper to live until they reach slaughter age at approx 16-17 weeks.

Turkeys are drugged and genetically manipulated to grow much larger than chickens in order to appease humans for the qualities we have deemed attractive (large, white meat).

As a result, parts of their feet and beaks are clipped without pain relief to keep them from injuring each other when they become aggressive in such conditions.

Their enormous size often results in their legs breaking beneath them, or they suffer heart failure and die.

You can stop this. If you stop buying, they stop dying.