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17 September 2019
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25 September 2019

Welcome Sheldon

Welcome Sheldon

Sheldon was rescued as a piglet and became a permanent and loved member of the family. Unfortunately, some cruel humans started to send pigging dogs to attack Sheldon in his yard when they believed his owner was away from the home, when he was most vulnerable.

After two lucky escapes with minimal injury, Sheldon’s luck ran out and his home was no longer a safe haven. Constantly afraid, Sheldon joined the WPF family shortly after the attack and as you can see, he is making himself right at home. He has been vet checked and has finished up a course of antibiotics to ward off infection. Finally safe, and always loved, Sheldon need never worry again.

We have over 150 animals at the Sanctuary – many just like Sheldon, saved from cases of severe abuse, neglect or abandonment.
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